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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 10, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> next, on "america now." a warning about the rising numbers of wild animal attacks in residential neighborhoods. >> he was crazy-eyed looking. >> and beware. even a small wound can prove deadly. >> essentially 100% fatal. >> what you need to know to survive the bite of the urban beast. and could you be held responsible for your departed relative's debts? learn your rights. don't fork over a single cent until you see our story. then you may have only seconds to decide where to hide from severe weather. how to pick the best place to ride out a storm while on the road. plus new
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reports that certain types of computers could be sabotaging men's sexual potency. learn the keystrokes for protection. just some of the stories coming up on "america now." with leeza gibbons and bill rancic, the show that delivers you the news you can really use. >> hey, guys, we've got a great show for you today. i'm bill rancic. >> and i'm leeza gibbons. great to have you along for "america now." well, we begin with a warning about the rise in rabid animal attacks. cdc estimates close to 40,000 americans are treated each year for exposure to a potentially rabid animal. >> and believe it or not, that's in both rural and urban areas. rabies is a deadly virus that attacks the nervous system and needs to be treated immediately. here's what you need to know if a wild animal bites you. >> he was crazy-eyed looking. >> and one of his teeth went in there. >> the attack, terrifying, and
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the damage, potentially deadly. >> if you wait around until the signs and symptoms show themselves, then it's too late because rabies is essentially 100% fatal. >> a crazed raccoon foaming at the mouth is often the poster child for rabies. truth is, bats, foxes, skunks, and coyotes can also be carriers, and wildlife experts say if you live in the city or the country, you're just as likely to have an encounter. for one victim, a rabid fox got his leg inside his garage. >> he was clamped on tight. he didn't let go until my pants tore. >> a nocturnal animal like a fox out in daylight and out attacking other animals and people is a clear candidate for rabies. but so is a wild animal acting tame or a tame animal acting wild. >> you always have to assume the worst for the safety of the person that was bitten. >> immediately call animal
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control. they're the only people who should attempt to catch the critter and test it for rabies. then get to an emergency room for vaccination. there's no test to tell if you're infected except for a brain tissue sample, so it only makes sense to start the vaccine schedule. should you decide to brush off a bite from a wild animal, if it was rabid, in a few weeks or a few years, the virus will travel through your nerves and into your brain. flu symptoms that end, then seizures, confusion, coma, and... >> ultimately it's going to lead to death. >> wildlife officials advise prevention. don't invite any wild animal in. avoid feeding, touching, or adopting wild animals or strays. don't leave food outside, and keep garbage cans sealed. board up attic and wall openings and don't let your pets roam free. should your path cross with a wild animal's, try to let it wander off, then alert your
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children, neighbors, and animal control. >> wildlife should not be feared but should definitely be respected. >> and definitely at the furthest distance you can find. if the animal finds you and attacks, your life may depend on the nearest emergency room and the lives of others can be saved with just one phone call to report it. casey roman, "america now." >> fatal tornadoes can strike with only seconds to find a safe place to hide. we'll show you the best and worst spots to take cover when the weather gets wild, but first... >> i want you to try to imagine this. you're dealing with the death of a loved one, and debt collectors come after you to settle that person's debts. it truly is horrible, but it does happen all the time. here's advice from the federal trade commission on protecting yourself. >> the ink on michael brooks' obituary had barely dried before page after page of unpaid bills
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started piling up because there was little if any of michael's money left after his long, painful, and expensive struggle. >> i was shocked when i was reviewing his medications with the hospice nurse, and she said, "well, this one, i don't really think this one is that effective," and that's $1,200 a bottle. and that was just 1 out of about 14 medications that he was on. >> medical, credit card, and other bills are generally paid out of the estate of the deceased. generally relatives or partners like barry are not legally and certainly not morally responsible to make up the difference. for spouses, most states have provisions that protect them from going penniless as a result of creditor payouts, but if the past due notices keep coming and there's simply no money left in the estate, tom pahl with the federal trade commission says... >> essentially the creditor just has to eat that cost. >> debt collectors have a right to talk to the spouse or the executor, but when the phone rings, all the protection of the
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fair debt collections practice act kicks in, prohibiting collectors from using abusive, unfair, or deceptive practices. >> you can't use obscenity, they can't call you a number of times to harass your, they can't threaten you with law suits or physical harm, all sorts of things like that that are prohibited by federal statute. >> the ftc says if you're not the person creditors should be calling, don't offer up any personal information. instead, tell them who is in charge of the estate. they have a right to ask and know. >> if the creditors or debt collectors can't figure out the right person to talk to, they may have no recourse except to essentially sue the estate to try to collect on the bill. >> if you are the responsible party, it's your right to ask a collector to verify a debt. >> but i think on both sides it's really a matter of being respectful and honest in your dealings, and that really will help a lot in making a tough conversation for everybody go as well as possible. >> before anyone can rest in peace, planning ahead is pahl's
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best advice. appoint in advance a business-savvy relative, friend, or an attorney to responsibly manage your affairs. by preparing for the process and understanding your rights and the creditors', you can often ease some of the hassle others will face after you're gone during a time of heartache. andre moreau, "america now." >> now, the law also says debt collectors cannot call you at inconvenient times, like before 8 a.m. for example or after 9 p.m. i think anytime's inconvenient. >> very. especially when you're at work. they're not allowed to do that either. >> for more tips on dealing with debt collectors, connect with us online at >> would you be able to survive these wicked weather conditions while on the road? >> the key is to be aware and to be prepared. >> we'll tell you the safest places to take cover. and could wi-fi radiation ruin a man's chance for fatherhood? learn how to keep it from damaging your dna.
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>> severe weather. it seems no place in the country is immune, but where is the safest place to be if, say, a tornado hits? >> you may only have a split second to make your move. here are some potentially life-saving survival rules from the national weather service. >> here's the layout of a home. let's say a tornado warning is issued for your area. most of us know where to go to protect ourselves--to an inner room such as a closet or bathroom, the idea being to put as many walls between yourself and the tornado as possible. if you have a basement, go there. underneath a stairwell in the center of your home or basement is a good place of safety. of course tornado warnings aren't always issued when we're at home. maybe we're driving down the road, such as the interstate here, or in a high-rise building or maybe in a warehouse like over here. what do we do in those
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situations? >> john, are there any standard rules that apply to all scenarios? >> in all severe weather scenarios, the key is to be aware and to be prepared. if you know one's coming, you're expecting severe weather, you're going to know wherever you are, whether it's at home, at school, at church, out shopping, you're going to have a plan and be ready to activate that plan and go to your safe place. >> de block says it's best to avoid department stores with large span roofs when a tornado is imminent. >> in any of those large retail buildings, there's really not a safest place to be. you've got hazards from the roof collapsing to the walls collapsing, so if you're near the walls, those concrete blocks could collapse or those tip-up panels could collapse. if there happens to be some sort of a solid interior structure towards the middle of the store, that would be the best place to be, but really when you know severe weather's coming, don't find yourself in that large retail building when the warning comes out. >> if you find yourself in a
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high-rise building, apartment complex, or hospital, the safest places are the lowest floors in an interior room. central stairwells are good places to be, but avoid elevators. you could find yourself stuck and vulnerable if the building loses power. and what if you're driving your automobile near a tornado? >> if you see a tornado coming in your car, get out of that car. get to the ditch. i don't like the idea of being in a dry ditch with spiders and snakes and everything, but we could become friends for a few minutes as that tornado passes overhead. >> can you explain why it's not a good idea to be under bridges and overpasses with a tornado nearby? >> mickey, it's real simple. if you're under an overpass, that wind has to accelerate to get through there, so any debris that's in there is going to be blowing faster and harder when it hits you. it also creates a public safety hazard if everybody were to park in that vicinity of that underpass, clogging up traffic, emergency vehicles couldn't get through, so it's not just about you, it's about making the path clear for
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safety vehicles. >> if you live in a mobile home, many mobile home parks have designated tornado shelters or steel-reinforced concrete laundry rooms. go there or to a more substantial structure such as a friend's house or local business. avoid trying to ride out the storm in your mobile home. de block says the best way to protect yourself and your family from a tornado is to have several ways to become informed. >> have that weather radio, that text message, that email, the phone call. look out for each other. if you see storms going into a town where you know your friends and family are, give them a call on the phone. make sure they know it's coming. don't wonder if they know that it's coming. make sure they know that it's coming. >> mickey ferguson, "america now." >> fema tells us that tornadoes can strike very quickly with little or no warning at all, and they may even appear transparent. >> yeah, that's right, leeza, so be on the lookout for clues like large hail and dark, often greenish skies, and if you're under a tornado warning, don't hesitate to seek shelter
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immediately. >> we've got more on what to do before, during, and after a tornado online at >> we'll see you there. >> how do you get your best buddy to keep his paws to himself? we'll tell you how to stop spot's bad behavior when we answer your viewer mail. and our beauty expert's makeup tips on which bare essentials always need to be in your bag. >> i'm going to show you the top 5 products that i cannot leave home without.
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>> here's a warning for men working long hours on wi-fi-enabled laptops. the convenience of that connection could come at a price. >> that's right, leeza. guys, keep the laptops off your lap. that's right. they can compromise fertility by diminishing your sperm count. here's the story. men, beware. according to the new evidence, the digital age may be affecting your fertility. a recent study reveals men who use wi-fi connected laptops that are placed within an inch of their laps may be lowering their chances of fatherhood. researchers measured sperm
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cells' swimming ability after being exposed to wi-fi radiation from an internet-connected laptop. >> what they found was that there was a significant decrease in progressively moving spermatozoa. >> sperm motility is a factor in successful pregnancy. the chances of fertilizing an egg are much higher if more than 40% of sperm are moving. exposure to wi-fi radiation also damaged sperm dna. poor quality dna can reduce a couple's chances of conceiving. while scientists note that more studies are needed, doctor agarwal says men should watch the clock when using a laptop's wi-fi. >> i think if a person is using it for 1 or 2 hours, i really don't think that it will be a real concern. >> limiting laptop internet use may not be the only way for men to improve fertility. making simple lifestyle choices, like eating fruits and vegetables, exercising, and managing stress can also increase your chances of producing healthy sperm.
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>> time now for a little beauty break. makeup bags tend to fill up fast with all kinds of stuff, but what are the basics when you're on the go? our beauty expert shares a few of her favorite things. >> now, people are always asking me what my essentials are, so today i'm gonna open up my makeup bag and show you the top 5 products that i cannot leave home without. oil blotting sheets. piling on powder throughout the day is not a good way to cut down on shine. you really want to just use these to blot any excess oil. i also carry concealer with me. a little bit under your eyes or around your nose, where it tends to get red can really just bring everything that you do in the morning back to where it started. i bring a neutral lip gloss with me all the time. it's gonna go with any outfit i have on, any eye makeup that i put on in the morning. it's always gonna be my go-to 'cause it's always gonna look good with everything. i always carry cotton swabs. they're the perfect little tool to fix any
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mistakes that you have throughout the day, and they just really get in there and clean everything up. last but not least is this guy. it is a dual lip and cheek stain. your blush is often the first thing that's gonna fade throughout the day, and i really love having a nice pop of color of my cheek, some nice blush, and it's quick for your lips, too, so it does 2 things at once. so now you know what's in my makeup bag, and if you don't have these things in yours, i suggest you get them. you'll be happy that you did. i'm jessica metivier, "america now." >> how is this 4-year-old chess champ able to beat kids 3 times his age? >> guess my skill level was higher. >> and could his study secrets work for your kids? >> practice and practice. >> we check in on the checkmate master. but first, viewer mail from >> here's a question from jody in seminole, texas, who asks, "when i return home, my dog is
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so excited to see me, he jumps around, he barks, he scratches me. how can i calm him down?" our pet pro, luciano aguilar, says the only thing that's gonna help your dog stay calm is obedience training, and i mean the sit command. practice it every day and everywhere. soon, he'll get the message. we hope it helps, jody. log onto, ask our experts your questions, and don't forget, like us on facebook, follow all the action on twitter.
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>> in 1956, american chess prodigy bobby fischer, he beat a much older opponent in the so-called game of the century. he was the tender age of 13. >> 13. yep. well, here's the adorable story of a chess champ who's only 4. >> wow. >> tor park loves to play chess. >> i like chess because it uses my mind. >> but more than that, the 4-year-old from glendale is good. really good. he's already swept 3 competitions, beating kids 3 times his age. >> guess my skill level was higher. >> it all began less than a year ago when his grandfather sat him down and taught him the game. >> poppy gave him an old wooden set that he's had since i think his college days, and that got him started.
7:25 pm
>> tor started to play his father every day, and when he started to beat him, they decided to join the tyler chess club. >> "does he actually know how to play chess?" and we said, "yeah, he does." so he sat down, and sure enough, he beat the first kid he played that night. >> that's when they noticed tor had more talent than regular 4-year-olds, and a seasoned chess coach, angelito abella, began to mentor him. >> i keep looking at him when he's playing, and i just can't imagine that a 4-year-old can really play that well at that stage. >> with angelito's guidance, daily games with his father, and a ton of natural talent, tor started competing against kids much older than him in local, statewide, and national competition, always ending in first or second place. his strategy is simple. >> that's how you get good at chess--practice and practice. >> and dad couldn't be more proud. >> it feels good. it feels good to have a son who's good at
7:26 pm
something. and when he has a great attitude and he's a good opponent, and he's kind to his opponent whether he wins or whether he loses, that makes me proud. >> tor may or may not be the next bobby fischer, but for now, he's on the right track with the right perspective. >> that's the whole point of chess, have fun. >> bethany moore, "america now." >> i can't get over this. i mean, how mature is that kid? 4 years old. >> he's a sharp little man. he's touched by genius. >> or something, yeah. don't forget, "america now" is online 24/7. is the place. >> that's right, and the conversation continues right now on the "america now" facebook and twitter page. we'll see you there. there are so many things that we do on a daily basis.
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tv goes one on one. and get that money, honey. a power couple. ok! tv. entertainment. ok! starts now. >> welcome to ok! tv. i am shandi. style, this is our big story. we have all wanted to high-five our favorite artists, and now, they are making your dreams a reality. backstage at their new mega show. known for their emotional balance and signature harmonies, they have been a soundtrack to
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life. our music has actually become a soundtrack. our music is something that touches the heart strings. we have grown with our music. with us, andy grow it is just a beautiful thing to know they appreciate it. them are roche, there are signature cocktails named after your songs -- at the mirage. >> we try to get out and meet and greet with our fans. >> you have done such a great job on stage. would you ever consider doing your own reality show? >> maybe. >> what would i see? >> a lot of people do not know i do about 110 shows per year. you how you do
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in seattle tonight, and then a day later, in miami. >> you bring that energy night after night. show, you feel like you would not have to take a shower. with her sexys moves, and now, after her breakup with george clooney, stacy keibler. ravensyou are wearing a because you started as a baltimore ravens cheerleader. >> the new cheerleaders, the new mascot, and the new players coming out for the first time. an overwhelming experience for me. bleed purple, and i
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have my season tickets, and i love football. >> all of a sudden now with the nfl line, women's fashion and the nfl are paired together. together, anding i am collaborating to develop a line for the football fans, and it is really cool, he can as these are clothing that you can support your team, but you can not only wear them on game day, you can wear them every day. >> only on ok! tv. >> we are bringing you exclusive content from good, good, good. we have so much to go over with today. let's start out with khloe and lamar. >> there had been reports that he was missing in action. we can tell you he is actually living downtown in los angeles at an apartment by himself. there, which raises
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concerns about the long jeopardy of their short four-year marriage. >> there were rumors that he checked himself into rehab. been linked to a string of extramarital affairs. concerned, his addictions. he has recreational drug issues. om behindnother teen m bars. in south carolina over the weekend and was pulled over by the police after a high-speed chase. , no stranger to being locked up behind bars, and some cold hard cash. >> and a couple of celebrities. >> we wanted to show you.
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take a look. this is an exquisite english estate, with a cool price tag of more than $18 million. styles was looking at this property in florida, $19.5 million. it pays to bet, james bond. >> apparently. for more information on the latest celebrity scoop, you can head to lots of delicious food and relationship drama. this is all on a new bravo show. you know, when you hear about love,"called "eat drink the first thing you think about is party. hold on. not so fast.
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we were at this beverly hills doughnut shop, and things were just a little bit more complicated. extraordinaire, and they are all trying to make it to the top of the l.a. culinary scene. >> chaotic. >> do you guys feel like you have a social life? >> a social life? yes, our life is fun. 10:00 because i do not have a life. >> all right. all right. >> i do not know. >> ok. we get that these ladies work hard, but doing what? it looks like a really sweet gig. exactly is this? >> it is a doughnut that is eight or steamed, -- that
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d, never >> i am going to have to learn about this. want a job? what's absolutely. >> we may be looking for a new baker. bravo.irs thursdays on andoming up on ok! tv, bill julianna and a cure. and she broke into show at a young age. >> at what point do you let them watch "i know what you did last summer"? andnd jennifer love hewitt her new child. !! you are watching ok
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ok! trauma and action. always a winning combination. -- drama and action. >> j.t. and others. heavyweights, sure to bring box office gold. money?your tuition >> it must be really nice to have your education paid for. in is a princeton grad. and he goes to confront a man. he is getting lured into the dark underworld of ambling online. -- gambling online. have 48 hours. theaters october 4.
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>> and she is staring diaper eye, butt in the jennifer love hewitt is already starting. >> and it what age do you let your boy or girl watch "i know what you did last summer"? >> 16. >> and "the client list." they are probably going to watch it without your ok. loft,come to the ok! tv and i am here with the editor in !" magazine. tell us about the issue on the stands right now. hate middleton, looking fabulous.
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-- kate middleton. >> she is beautiful. she is a big fan of the high- protein diet. she is also doing a lot of low impact exercise, and she is breast-feeding. >> she looks absolutely gorgeous. before, during, and after pregnancy. looking ahead at the upcoming magazine.k!" >> we have a lot going on, and the date is february 14, valentine's day, and she will have two or three dresses. >> it has actually brought tomk at back together. >> it is said that it brought tom and katie closer together.
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they have really been supportive throughout the whole process. it is working out very well. ri not only has the benefit of parents being together, there is a lot of extra attention. in thereconciliation future? >> we will see. you never know. >> you never know. together. be back thank you so much for being here. for all of the latest gossip and news. health scare, a new baby, and a new reality show. and now, you can add inspirational journey to the list for bill and julianna. >> when we first started dating, we would go on these runs together. we would talk about, where do you want to be in five years? where do you see yourself?
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>> that is true. i ran a half marathon. they were,ame up, listen, you are going to start last place in the new york but you willng up, catch every person you pass, we will donate a dollar. and this was for breast and ovarian cancer, and when bill told me they were going to make a donation -- >> running. >> like i said, making a big donation. you are going to run your out off. all jokes aside, he is training hard. is teaming up with i heart radio, and there is a funny twist.
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>> first up, a singer and songwriter known to be involved in some gossip. he has been tied to taylor swift. >> yes. >> you heard it here. ♪ seriously. we chatted gossip. what it is like to be mixed up in the culture. >> people were, you are going out with her? i managed to keep it secret. >> next up, it is back to school time, and everybody is turning to social media to express themselves. how was the first day of school? >>ah! i hate everybody. lastly, a new album is huge
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right now. she has got such a beautiful voice. a fan club via twitter. ♪ it was worth it got get it yours truly ♪ and those are just a few things you need to know. make sure you check back. ,> you can see more on ok! tv and remember, you can find all that is trending. look for the feed, your 24-hour news source. >> coming up on ok! tv -- the screaming, it is all there, when staten island meets the beach. vh1 show.out her new
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we're gonna stop beating ourselves up about our weight. we're not gonna give up what we love. it's not gonna happen. and when the pounds still come off...
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drama. tell us about it. oh. year-olds. >> it will never be the same. >> why miami? why did you go there? beach is fine. south beach is good-looking. >> one thing that is really good shows up, and we have not seen her before. has she done anything that is shocking to you? >> people go out on the beach, and they want to talk. refreshing. >> they have got an age difference on me.
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>> ok!
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